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(An effort to Educate)

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading and reputed educational institutes in Vadodara city of Gujarat State. The foundation of this institution was laid down by Mr. Manjit Banga in the year 1985. Since then the institution has progressed leaps and bounds. With its commitment and dedication, the institution has established a name in the field of education.

During the span of nearly 29 years, we have been instrumental in guiding and shaping career of more than 15,000 under-graduate and post-graduate students. Our goodwill is our image and our mission is overall development of students and to make them participative and contributory citizens of the country.

As a part of social responsibility and our duty towards citizens of India, it has been decided to form a group in the name of “WEE CARE”.


The strategic vision of “WEE CARE” is to provide education and educational infrastructure to meritorious and under-privileged students (especially girls) of Vadodara district and gradually spreading the wings to State of Gujarat and finally all parts of the country.


Our mission is to use 33 years of experience in the field of education to educate students by directly setting up Inclusive Learning Centre (ILC) having teaching-learning facilities and library in major cities of the State of Gujarat and the country. We also plan to assist students indirectly through distribution of books, paying school fees & fees for professional courses, arranging school uniforms, providing information brochures / newsletter / newspapers, conducting seminars for guiding students about future prospects, organizing training programs for improving their skills and competencies, and finally shaping them as responsible and contributing citizens of the country.

We understand and believe that any task cannot be accomplished without the support of like-minded people and their direct as well as indirect support.

This small request letter is to know the manner in which you would like to support the cause. We have segregated the ways you can help us for the social cause as follows:

(1)       Teaching students (free of cost)
(Would like to know your spare days, time and subjects you would like to teach)
(2)       Offering a place for running library for school and college going students
(3)       Giving books, magazines, novels, etc. useful for students
(4)       Giving donation
(5)       Adopting a child for educational expenses
(6)       Organising an event for children (educational or recreational)
(7)       Newsletter or information brochure printing
(8)       Any other way of helping the needy students

We feel that all people on this earth have some responsibility towards those sections of the society who have been deprived of so many things. As it is not possible for one institution to take care of all the issues, we have decided to do something in the field of our expertise, of course, with the participation and cooperation of people like you.

We will be highly obliged and motivated by getting your support.

To start with, we are asking for Rs. 200/- as your contribution to social cause. The members will be issued Photo Membership Card and a Memento (Souvenir) as a mark of respect and for interest shown in the social cause.

Please send your details specifying your contributory role on contact@banga-academy.com

Please send your suggestions and opinions. Very soon, we will organize a get-together to chalk out a plan of action.


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